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Top Quality Patio Washing in Eldersburg, MD

Top Quality Patio Washing in Eldersburg, MD

Earlier this fall we received a call from a homeowner in Eldersburg, MD who wanted house washing and patio washing for their beautiful home. We quickly gave a free and reasonable estimate which the customer agreed to and we were able to schedule the work to be performed within a week of the initial inquiry. It is not uncommon for a house, sidewalk, driveway, patio, etc to have a build up of organic materials which leaves them looking green and dirty. But in this case the situation was compounded by the presence of numerous tall trees on the customer's property. While this tree cover is desirable and provides advantages it also makes it harder to keep the property clean.

First, we performed a low pressure application of industry standard detergents called Soft Washing. For house washing we always use this technique because it is prevents damage that higher pressure can cause and it gives the house a sparkling shine. Next, we attacked the front sidewalk and patio with our surface cleaner. The use of professional equipment such as a surface cleaner ensures an evenly washed surface that returns the concrete back to it's original look and feel. It also makes these surfaces safer by removing the dirt and grime that can cause them to be slippery when wet. With this house washing, sidewalk washing, and patio washing complete, Generations Softwash LLC was able to fully satisfy this customer.

Location: Eldersburg, MD

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